You are eligible!

To complete registration of your claim we need a bit more information. In total it should take less than half an hour.

You will also be asked for supporting documentation. If you do not have the documents to hand, you will be able to provide them later.

Step 1: Vehicle information
Step 2: Additional information and agreement
Step 3: Ownership Information
Step 4: How was the vehicle purchased?
Step 5: Proof of purchase
Step 6: Statement of truth

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It is important that you complete all the steps in this process, and answer all the questions as fully and accurately as possible.

In order to begin, please confirm that:

We are proposing to bring a claim that you would not bought your vehicle had you known and fully understood the facts giving rise to the emissions scandal. If you join the claim, this must be true for you. It is therefore crucial to your claim that you are able to make the statements below.

It is also necessary for you to confirm the following:

*Final eligibility to join the claim will be determined upon confirmation of your vehicle having been impacted directly and certain other matters.

You should confirm all options to be able to proceed to the next step.

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