Claim registered
Step 1: Vehicle information
Step 2: Additional information and agreement
Step 3: Ownership Information
Step 4: How was the vehicle purchased?
Step 5: Proof of purchase
Step 6: Statement of truth

Thank you. You've successfully registered the following vehicle for a claim.

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  • Year of Manufacture:

We will be in contact via email with the next steps in relation to your claim. You will also receive via email copies of the agreements that you have entered into, for your own record.
If you have any questions or would like to provide us with any additional information or documents that you consider to be relevant to your claim, please feel free to get in touch via
Please note that you are under a continuing obligation to provide us with helpful or unhelpful documents or information that you consider to be relevant to your claim or that you discover later on.

*Final eligibility and compensation will be determined pending confirmation of your vehicle having been impacted directly.

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